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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope



The Karehally community is situated on the outskirts of Bhadrawathi. Taluk, in Shimoga district, in the State of Karnataka. Rev. Bishop Ignatius Pinto of the Shimoga diocese invited us to this mission. The Community was established on June 5th, 1993.  The first community began with 3 sisters and was living in a rented house for 4 years. The newly built house was blessed on 15th May 1997 and the sisters moved to the new house on June 30th. We belong to St Antony’s Parish, Karehally, in the Diocese of Shimoga


The families around the community are of other religions (Hindus). The Parish consists of 67 families with a Tamil cultural background. Most of them are below the poverty line who live on their daily wages. The present community constitutes 5 sisters. All of us participate in the mission of Education and pastoral ministry. Each one of us contributes to the betterment of the community and mission. 


“Called by the Lord, we are gathered in His name to know and announce Jesus Christ” (C.2).

  • By building a community where unity, gentleness, love, sharing, and acceptance reign. Supporting each one’s mission, we strive towards the common good.


Our ministries call us forth to reach out to the people of shallow faith, superstition, broken families, alcoholics, and illiterates. 

  • We impart education to the children irrespective of caste and creed and listen to their concerns and problems in our school.
  • The vision of our Mother Foundress calls us forth to participate in the different parish activities. We are involved in the faith formation of children and the daily preparation of liturgical celebrations. We also have involvement with various pious associations; such as Legion of Mary, ICYM, YCS, Catholic women’s Commission, Catholic Association, and Vincent de Paul.  In order to strengthen the small Christian Community, each sister is in charge of two SCC groups.
  •  Few poor girls who study in St. Dominic’s School are being guided and accommodated in our house. We also visit the families of our parish frequently.
  • We are aware of the injustice that is going on in our society and we bring all those intentions in our daily prayer. 
  • We try to bring awareness in our ministries about the injustice done in society and help them to fight for their rights.  
  • We instruct the children about the need to plant more trees, grow a kitchen garden, care for the property, use bio-pesticides and solar energy. 
  • By contributing to the care of mother earth we promote a green and healthy environment. To inculcate this value, we celebrate each year environmental day in the school. 
  • We encourage the people of our mission area to promote eco-friendly materials and avoid plastics, thermo-coal, and flex to preserve nature.
  • By using different gadgets, we impart value education and faith formation in our mission.
  • We utilize social means of communication in our community and mission in an attitude of poverty and prudence. 
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