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Marie Poussepin’s Home is situated in Indiranagar, in the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. We belong to the Resurrection Parish, Indiranagar in the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Marie Poussepin’s Home was blessed and inaugurated on May 31, 2009. 

Bangalore is an IT city; it has a lot of job opportunities for young people who come from different parts of India in search of jobs.  Marie Poussepin’s Home was envisaged with the purpose of providing these young women and also students, accommodation which is secure, affordable and comfortable. 

This home is named after our Foundress, Blessed Marie Poussepin, who, inspired by Providence, left home and served the girls and women of Sainville, France. As followers in her footsteps, the community of Marie Poussepin’s Home tries to offer the residents a home away from home by caring for their physical, spiritual, moral and psychological needs. Their concerns become our concerns. 

Marie Poussepin’s Home has the facility for about 130 residents besides the community of sisters and supporting staff.  There is a chapel which is open to all the residents at all times. The well maintained garden with variety of plants and trees offers the residents a healthy and attractive atmosphere in this congested city of Bangalore.  

Vivekananda Road metro station is just 100 meters away from MPH. Within 150 meters from the Home there are two bus-stops from where bus transportation is easily available to all destinations. The distance from here to the railway stations are as follows: 11 kms to Majestic, 5 kms to Cantonment Station and 6 kms to Krihnarajapuram.

MPH can be contacted on   

Mobile No. 9740301683. E. Mail ID  mphblr2009@gmail.com

Bangalore a metropolitan city has a large influx of migrants from all other states of India who come for higher studies and looking for jobs. Men are able to find accommodation in any place while for women it is very difficult to find secure and comfortable places for their stay. It is in this scenario Marie Poussepin’s Home offers a ‘home away from home’ for the many young women who seek for affordable yet neat and comfortable rooms.

Marie Poussepin’s Home opened its doors to them On June 9, 2009.They come from many states. They belong to many faiths and many castes. All find their place in Marie Poussepin’s home. All are accepted, respected and considered.

A community of sisters (5) are available 24/7 to make sure their stay is comfortable and to meet their ordinary needs of daily life and for all kinds of emergencies that may suddenly come. A team of committed staff assures that they have neat and healthy surroundings and that nutritious and tasty food is provided at every meal.

A community life of the sisters where there is a lot of joy, collaboration and unity is an evangelizing presence among these young people.

The chapel, open to all, provides a haven for the young women who seek a moment of peace and consolation. They are welcome to join the community for the common prayers. Daily Prayer of the sisters includes all the intentions of the hostelites, staff and their families.

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