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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

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Nagpur Community

Our Community was established in Nagpur in Maharashtra on July 9th 2008. It belongs to the Latin Arch Diocese of Nagpur. Our community is located in Mhasala village. 

We are  in a small village Mahsala in Nagpur. Nagpur is very important for the Dalit Budhist movement and is the head quarters for the Hindu nationalist organization RSS.

We are 5 sisters in the Community and involved in the mission of education in Marie Poussepin’s Academy. Being in a school community we welcome all those who come to our house. We take care of them with dignity, respect, love and openness.

Care of Our Common Home

We care for our common home by giving awareness to our students celebrating environmental day by planting trees and encouraging them to take care of them.

Solidarity with the Poor

We live a simple life. We try to help the poor children financially in their education support the families to get their basic needs.

Nagpur is called the second capital of the state of Maharashtra; State Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra often meets here. Mumbai being the first capital.

Marie Poussepin’ Academy in the outskirts of the city of Nagpur is an educational institution where the students from around the area is provided quality education with in a nurturing environment through well balanced instructional programs and systematically planned curriculum that foster self discipline , motivation, harmony, high self esteem, and mutual respect. A community of ‘learners’, the institution strive for excellence in personal, educational and career goals by inculcating values, right attitudes and effective skills essential for life, enhanced by a collaborative effort between school and home.

 The school follows highly renowned ISCE curriculum so that the students will have best educational inputs available in the country. Montessori method of teaching is followed in the Pre-Primary where the tiny tots will be exposed to a variety of activities and learning experiences. Children up to class II will be free from the unnecessary pressure of examination: a continuous assessment and grading system is under taken.

The academy was started in the year 2008 with the commitment to educate lifelong learners and it has grown to the Xth class. With a total strength of 15 Students. Last 2 years all the students who appeared for Xth class exam passed with first class and above.

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