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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope

On May 31 st, 1997 We the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation began our community officially in Mary Magdalene Church Paruthiyoor, in the Latin Arch Diocese of Trivandrum. Paruthiyoor is situated at the coast of Indian Ocean, at the shore of Pozhiyoor. The purpose of the community was to have an insertion experience of sharing the culture, language and life style of the people. In Paruthiyoor parish there are about 2000 families whose main occupation is fishing and fish vending. Majority of the people live in environmentally vulnerable situations. The faith is shallow and morality of the people is very poor, where we need to educate them to come into the main stream of the society. Health is another major issue of the people where people live crowded and unhygienic situation causes epidemics easily. The political situation of the area is not powerful and organized. As a result, we fail to challenge the injustices done to the poor people. Here people affected with natural calamities and economical situation is very poor. We strengthen and empower the families by family visits, Pastoral ministry, counseling, education, and social work activities.

Welcome to the sea Shore.

The sisters arrived in Paruthiyoor in 1997. Paruthiyoor is situated in the coastal belt of Arabian Sea,36Kms south of Thiruvananthapuram. Thiruvananthapuram is the Capital of Kerala. Paruthiyoor parish come under the Latin Diocese of Thriuvananthapuram. The residents are fisher folks who depend solely on marine fishing for their livelihood. The total population of the village is 10,000 who live in about 2000 huts. All are Catholics.

The Charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin is very much kept alive by the sisters in Maria Sadan through the family traits of simplicity, poverty and love of work.

The sisters are fully involved in the various pastoral activities of the Parish such as animation of Basic Christian Communities, pious Associations, teaching Catechism and youth ministry. Family Apostolate has been the prim concern of the community from the beginning.

Maria Nursery, Tutoring the school going children, non-formal education are some of the means to empower the children with basic values while opening the doors to the world of knowledge.

Sisters collaborate with the Thiruvananthapuram Social Service Society for human promotion with preference to the up-lift of Fish vending women and children through supplimentary education, tailoring classes, women’s associations, self help groups, and so on. Garment making is an income generating project as well as providing job opportunities for the women. The community with the co-operation of the Parish priest took up the housing project for the people who lost their house in the Tsunami is greatly appreciated.

Life with the Lord empowers them to share the joys and sorrows of the people who constantly face the dangers of the forces of nature.

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