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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope


The first community of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation in the North of India is in a remote village called Dhulkot which belongs to Khandwa diocese. It was established in 1984. Since then it had been in the plan that we will start another community to support one another. It coincided with the thought of then Bishop Abraham Virutukulangara, Bishop of Khandwa. In 1989 Bishop invited us to staff St.Jude`s English Medium School, Khargone. At that time the school had up to 3rd standard. Thus Sathyodaya community established on 2nd of July, 1989. We began our mission not only educating the young, but also visiting the families.


“Called by the Lord we are gathered in His name to know and announce Jesus Christ according to the Project of the Congregation”   C2


“That they may bring with them, wherever they are called, the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His mysteries.” (Rule of Sainville XXVII).

  • We renew our understanding of being sent and cultivate missionary zeal which will transform our work into mission.
  • We make ourselves available to those who are in need as well as to those who approach us with a listening heart through joyful ministry in administration and teaching at St. Jude’s Hr. Sec School.
  • We witness Christ among people of other faith.
  • We strengthen the families of our students and staff and participate in family prayer of the Basic Christian community
  • Walk together with our differences to embrace the richness and limitations of one`s own culture and that of others
  • Strengthen family apostolate and pastoral ministry, as faith and gospel values are threatened in this globalized world.
  • Draft policies especially against all forms of abuse following the congregation`s policy for the protection of children and persons in situations of vulnerability, against all forms of abuse including sexual abuse.
  • Create an ethical consciousness of “ less is more “ to protect the environmental right and minimal use of natural resources, avoiding non bio degradable materials and chemicals and say “No “ to use and throw culture.
  • Update ourselves with the existing laws of the country..
  • We associate with the Faith Formation, YouthMinistry in the parish 
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