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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope

Dominican Bhavan community comes under the jurisdiction of the Basia Block and in the diocese of Gumla. It is one of the 11 blocks of the Gumla district. The community officially erected on16, July 1995 with four sisters to work for the alleviation of poverty, sufferings of the poor people especially up liftment of the Tribals. At Present we are seven in the community who are involved in health, education, social and pastoral ministry. We have a dispensary, we work in the school run by the diocese of Gumla, and through community organization, we work with the people for their holistic development. We also run a computer and tailoring centre 

Apart from Dalmadih we also render our service to 10villages of Turbunga parish and we have initiated our work in  Kemtatoli Parish also.

Our approach is child focused community development. Our work in Turbunga  is supported by ERIKS Sweden. The main focus is to work for the transformation of the lives of the children and the community they live in. 


To establish a society, rooted in values of peace, harmony, equality, freedom and justice which are lived and experienced in communities and create an eco-friendly harmonious, sustainable community.


 To enable the less privileged of the society by providing opportunities for a holistic growth within communities to restore their human potentialities thus to enable them to be responsible for the ecological, spiritual, economic, social development who live with dignity and enjoying their human rights.

We work in components such as  Education, Health, Livelihood and community organization 

Objectives of our work 

To increase income of the target families. 

To reduce problems related to general health, reproductive health, malnutrition and disability.  

To improve situations with regard to education and vocational training.  

To organize community and strengthen the existing CBOs.   

To promote rights related to women, children, land, tribals, disabled, etc.  

To preserve the tribal culture, promote cohesiveness and social defence  

 To promote gender equity.

 To address issues related to climate change.

St.Antony's parish Dalmadi has about 2600 Parishioners belonging to 14 neighboring villages.

The presence of the sisters brings hope and courage for the catholic population. They animate all the pastoral activities of the parish along with the parish priest. Yet purpose of the mission is the development of all peoples and their living conditions, through health care, education of the youth and various social services.

They care for the patients who come to the dispensary and when the patients cannot come, the sisters care for them at homes.

Sisters teach in the parish school and special help is given to those who need it. Special attention is given to the youth as they search for direction in life.

In collaboration with the social service programme of the diocese they contribute all their possibilities for the welfare and promotion of the people.Promotion of vocation is a priority for the sisters and they receive the young women who come to see where they live.

The community has a very simple and poor life-style. The lack of conveniences are accepted cheerfully.They share the joys and sorrows, the hopes and anxities of the people being fully aware that it is the Lord himself who have sent them to Dalmadi, even amongst great dangers and fears, they place their confidence in the Lord.

They gather courage and strength from daily Eucharist to accept the risk and the challenges of their mission.The mission speaks for itself. The missionary proclaims the love of the Lord and His justice and mercy, by accepting to be sent where the Lord needs them, the risks and challenges included... Leaving diurdan to embrace the demands of Sainville , is a reality here.

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