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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope

The Day Care “PATH” ( Poussepin @ Any Time Help) provides a safe and comfortable shelter for the poor elderly and disabled women of surrounding slums and they also enjoy good meals while they are in the centre. This facility makes it possible for the family members to go for work during the day with the assurance that their mothers are in a safe place while they are away from home. It is also a centre that links its mission to other organizations by networking.

A tailoring Centre provides possibility for women to learn to stitch women’s clothes, which in turn enable them to earn their livelihood. Many women have benefited from this service. A unit of making sports garments is an opportunity for those who work there to earn an income for themselves.

Dourdan in Bangalore is a community in the midst of hustle and bustle of a busy town area of Indiranagar, in Bangalore.

This community was born on May 31, 2010 out of the generosity of Mr. Albert Royan, a widower with no one to inherit his property offered it for the congregation for the purpose of social services. A sewing centre was soon inaugurated in the spirit of Marie Poussepin to teach poor girls so that they could earn a living. Mr. Albert Royan passed away on January 6, 2013 and the whole house is available for the social services.

Mission of the Community Members
Mission to the Elderly: Taking care of Mr. Royan who lives on the ground floor is one of the priorities to live original spirit of the Blessed Marie Poussepin. Every effort is made to see that he feels comfortable, cared and loved. He is welcomed to join in the Eucharistic celebration offered once a month, for feast day prayer and agape. His simplicity, generosity and hard work are very much commendable at this ripe old age. Everyone is inspired by his holy and prayerful life. We keep friendly relationship with the employees of the bank who occupies the first of the building.

Administration: One sister involved in the administration as Provincial Councilor and secretary. 

Health care: One sister offers her service in health care to be with the seriously ill patients at St. Philomina’s Hospital. This involves a tedious and challenging missionary commitment and is totally dedicated to this cause.

Parish Ministry: To form the young ones of today is a challenge one sister is involved in the faith Formation of the Parish Children. The community members are also involved in the pastoral service of the neighboring Parish.

Social Work: The social work project in the ground floor is the main purpose of the beginning of this new community. It is great privilege for the community members to render collaboration and support in the social work project of Mary Royan Charitable trust, in order to empower women and uplift all those who are marginalized.    

Sisters collaborate with the neighbouring parishes in the pastoral ministry as Eucharistic ministers and catechism teachers. Visiting the homes of the families around specially of the elderly and sick is part of their ministry.
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