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Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin

Called to be the lovers of the world and preachers of hope

The Dominican Community that Marie Poussepin wanted was to have Charity as its soul. This love of God and neighbour was first of all expressed in the community where thee was no distinction of persons and where neither country nor birth gave way for differences. This did not mean egalitarianism, but full acknowledgement of each one with her values, her possibilities and also her limitations. In this community Word is welcomed, shared, studied and celebrated.

Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, an international community is responding creatively to human needs today and there are about 3000 sisters serving the people each according to her own gifts and talents. Through Charity, the binding force of our lives, we are united in our service to the love of God and humanity.

In 1971 the seed of the Charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin was sown in the Indian Soil. It took root and branched out to 8 states through Education, health ministry, pastoral care and social services.

A Tree on Fire: A Symbol of Transformation

Tree is a dwelling place of God according to Indian thoughts. Sages go under a tree in contemplation to experience the power of God. Tree gives life, protection, shelter, food, and energy. Fire is a purifying element dispelling darkness and evil resulting in core transformation. The powerful symbols of tree and fire are combined in the book of Exodus where the Lord meets Moses in the Burning bush (Ex.3:2-5) As Moses was sent to the people of Israel to bring about transformation we are sent to this Multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious land to elucidate this transformation.To last a life time in community for the mission requires no less than courage, tenacity, openness, joy and faith. Formation is indispensable throughout our life for the growth of our faith, as well as, for the service of theirs.

Renewal Moments

“To see what is right” is also to discover persons and things, events and situations beyond their appearances. For Marie Poussepin, in teriorization meant not only a manner of living with God and for God, but also a way to look at the others, to know and appreciate them. The experience of God in silent listening and contemplation of His Word asks from us intense times of prayer, silence, retreats, lived with growing interest, appropriate means to reaffirm our gift to the Lord, to "live and die for the service of the Church, in the exercise of charity" and our will to live by the Gospel in the manner of Marie Poussepin and Dominic.

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